Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's nice to be home

Let me first apologize for my absence as of late. Between traveling, the wedding, and getting settled back into work I have not even had time to download photos from the camera, let alone compose a post. But it's about time that I did.

Our week in Western MA was spectacular; there is really nothing better than a week spent in the company of your best friends (except a week spent in the company of your best friends with your husband). The weather and wedding were beautiful, and I will be forever grateful that I was there to see Liz and Nate exchange their vows- and to share a shot with them at the reception!

On the way home we stopped at my brother's place where he and his girlfriend treated us to a delicious welcome home dinner and we watched a (sort of) spontaneous Halloween parade in Portland's West End. Our first morning in Standish (where my parent's live) Eleanor got right down to the business of playing, which she has been comfortably doing ever since. It rained all day today (sorry readers in Arusha)- a marvelous, cold, gray rain. It's nice to be home.

 Playroom in the Nairobi airport. Kept Eleanor busy for nearly 6 hours.

 Kean takes a break from pushing Eleanor in the little plastic car.

 Breakfast in Amsterdam.





Familiarizing herself with MA native plants...

 and with grandpa.

Apples and Brooklyn Lager for guests welcome bags

 Trying to get a photo of Eleanor's outfit,

 is much,



 much harder than you can imagine (this was the best we could do).

 This might just be my favorite photo of the whole wedding, and I didn't even take it.

This is the glass of scotch I was given- no joke. 
Good thing for everyone I didn't even come close to finishing it.

 Cutting the cake.

 I love how calm Nate is; this photo is so exemplary of the two of them.

 They welcome Kathrine to their cake cutting. Beautiful.

Time to leave for Maine.

 Swinging with uncle Aaron,

and sliding with mom.

Making breakfast.


  1. Now your blog is all about keeping your friends in Arusha updated on life in *wild America* and what you look like all bundled up! Looks exotic there, esp those big blue slides with no splinters or searing hot metal!

    You guys look like you're having a great time, which is great. But I will say it again, WAAAHHHHH, miss you! We had Tim for dinner last night and I made a Kiyah specialty - Roasted Pumpkin Salad from Heidi.

    p.s. Love the wedding dresses for you and Eleanor

  2. You and Eleanor both look gorgeous! Can't wait to see you in Maine next month. :)

  3. I would like you to wear those wedding outfits when you pick me up at the airport.

  4. Your week in MA sounds lovely. It's the perfect time of year for it. I love Eleanor's dress (did someone--you??--make it for her?) and the pictures of her as a midnight blue blur. I notice that the leaves are mostly off the trees up there now. NC is a few weeks behind that. The leaves have all turned color here but are still mostly hanging on (at least up here in Cedar Grove), though not for much longer.

    I also noticed that you managed to get a seed bank in your Amsterdam 3 photo -- nice.

  5. Welcome home my friend! Would have been so nice if our times in Maine had overlapped. I will miss reading about the African adventures but still, so, so nice to know you are back in the states, safe and sound.

  6. I love Eleanor's wedding outfit and hope to see you in NC sometime soonish???

  7. there are those embarrassing wide leg pants, again.