Thursday, October 14, 2010

lies, damn lies, and statistics

What does it take to run a research project in the Simanjiro district in Tanzania? Let's see.

To date, 9.5 months in:
$23,000 spent on project-related expenses
10,000+ photos taken
1000+ meals, purchased and prepared
450 bottles of soda purchased and distributed
126 ground-truth points recorded
112 surveys completed, 144 outstanding
20 trips, 67 nights and 87 days spent in the field
58 group interviews
13 meetings with professionals
11 employees, plus a few other one-time hires for camp projects, etc.
5 Maasai ceremonies attended
1 man

Who is this man, you ask. Is he a superhero? Seems like he would have to be, doesn't it. Perhaps. Even if only in his own mind and ours.


  1. Love it! I think I smell a Halloween costume...

  2. It is indeed quite the feat! And now to log the hours spent managing the data and writing!! (Can't wait to see the photos, by the way!) Dad

  3. These numbers sure do validate what I am sure has felt like a big undertaking and is a big undertaking. Wow, 10 months, looking back has it gone fast? Love you Grandma D